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When developing a Personal Financial Plan, various services may be required in addition to your portfolio. This is why we have built a solid referral network to assist in achieving your financial needs. Here are the types of services Isla Vancouver Wealth Management can provide for you today.

Tax Planning

Tax planning takes a logical analysis of a client’s financial situation or plans with a tax perspective in an attempt to pair financial goals with tax efficient planning. The goal is to align the objectives of a client and their financial plan to create the most tax-saving methods possible. For more information please contact your advisor.

Mortgage Broker

Buying a home can be an emotional experience; there is excitement in the idea of a new home, anxiety about finances, and frustration with the overwhelming information that comes with purchasing and financing a new house. A mortgage broker has the knowledge and skills to help you find the best match for your personal situation. They will illustrate the factors that determine payment: such as interest, a fixed or variable rate, the amount of mortgage you need, your payment frequency, your term, and your amortization period. They can explain the differences between a short-term or long-term mortgage and the benefits of each. They will ensure that you are aware of the proper insurance coverage needed to protect yourself in the worst-case scenario. A mortgage broker is there to help you make an informed decision about one of the biggest purchases you are likely to make.

We can facilitate access to all of these services. If you would like to obtain more information please contact us at (250) 585-0377 and we will arrange a referral.